Sous vide, a French term, means “under vacuum.” Prior to using this cooking method, it is important to know what it is, the history of it, and what the benefits of it are. With all of this information, you can become a star at cooking sous vide.

What is Sous Vide?

Sous vide is a method of cooking where vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a unchanging and set temperature. It usually involves cooking food for a long time at a lower temperature. By controlling the temperature, it ensures that the food will be perfect when it is finished. Cooking with this method also gets rid of the need for you, the cook, to worry about your food being overcooked. It is also very easy to do, there is no room for error, and it provides great results. To completely understand something, it is important to know where it got it start and that is why I am going to share the history of Sous Vide with you.

How Sous Vide Got Its Start

The Sous Vide cooking style was created in the mid-1970’s by chef George Pralus. He did this at the internationally renowned Michelin Three-Star Restaurant, Trisgros, which is located in Roanne, France. His goal was to lower the expensive shrinkage of and to properly cook the delicate foie gras. After this took place, Chef Bruno Goussault subsequently adopted expanded the cooking method in order to always be able to give gourmet to people that traveled first class on Air France. Over the past two decades, this method of cooking has created a wave of new developments and creativity in the world of cooking. It has also become many chef’s top secret at well-known restaurants around the globe. There have also made appliances so people at home can do this cooking method at their own home which saves them money and gives the opportunity to cook this way as well. Before starting a new cooking method, just like anything else in life, you want to know how it will benefit and help you. I am going to share that with you also.

The Benefits of Sous Vide

What is exciting about the sous vide type of cooking is that it is a new and one-of-a-kind type of cooking that turns out a better and different outcome. Foods that are cooked this way create various tastes and textures that can never be replicated by using any other type of cooking. Sous vide is also simple to do and it is very hard to mess up. The results are perfect every time this cooking method is used. It is perfect for those of you that may be beginning cooks or people that have been cooking for years. The flavor also tastes gourmet, your food will taste the way it was meant to taste. It is also perfect for those of us with busy lives which I am sure includes all of you. You set it up and walk away while it cooks itself. It is also more nutritious because it is sealed with a vacuum and the natural juices and nutrients remain in the bag while it is cooking. It also helps people save money and who cannot benefit from that? This cooking method can help you save money by tenderizing inexpensive cuts of meat. There are many benefits of cooking sous vide style when the food is being prepared to serve.

Sous vide cooking can quickly be made for a few people or a lot of different guests. The meals are easy to preserve and save for later if only a few people are eating. The food was also cooked ahead of time and the flavor is sealed inside the pouch and, also since it is pre-cooked, it does not take long from the time a person orders it to the time it gets to their table. Also, since a lot of servings can be cooked at once, people that cook sous vide can prepare the food days to hours in advance for cooks that do not know to utilize this type of cooking. It is perfect for any type of place that serves food around the clock. When indirect cooking is used, the length of time that sous vide food can last is longer than food that is cooked with other methods of cooking. It also helps with serving bigger groups of people by assisting with planning meals, preparing the food to be cooked, and cooking at unplanned times of the day. Sous vide meals can also remain hot for a long time without having to be concerned about the food evaporating, dehydrating, or going bad. If the food is in need of being reheated, the plates can be garnished during this time. Also, no matter how inexperienced the cooking staff is, standardized recipes can be utilized which will enhance consistency and give the guests a wonderful meal. Also, since the food can be cooked at a low temperature, the kitchen will not get very hot and it also lowers the risk of a fire. With economic times being hard on a lot of people, finding economical ways to cook is very important for many people, probably a lot of you as well.

Less food is wasted when using this cooking method, typically by five percent, and by thirty percent if the food is cooked at higher temperatures. The food may also be cooked ahead of time and in whatever portion size is needed as well, which will cut down on food waste also. Food cooked with this type of cooking method can also be stored cold for a long amount of time when it will not be eaten right away. If cheaper cuts of meat are cooked this way, they will still turn out to be very tender. Less electricity is used since the food is cooked at a lower temperature. Since the food is vacuum packed, less bacteria gets inside the package which slows down the process of spoiling, helps preserve the look of the food, and the taste of the food lasts longer than it would with other cooking methods as well. Also, since the food is vacuum packed, they oxidize less, and since the flavors are preserved in the vacuum bag, less seasoning, oil, and fat are needed during food preparation. For those of you that are trying to eat healthy, sous vide cooking can be a very healthy way of cooking also.

Sous vide cooking has a strict regulation about heat, oxygen, and the amount of water added to the food which are the three elements that lower the nutritional content of food that is made conventionally. Sous vide cooking retains vitamins and minerals more than other types of cooking like steaming. Water soluble vitamins and minerals remain in food that is packed in water longer than other foods which is another health benefit of foods cooked this way. Unlike other cooking methods, additional fat does not have to be added to food cooked with this type of cooking because there are no surfaces for the food to stick to. Also, no additives or preservatives are needed to make the food last longer, therefore they are not added to them.

With all of this information about sous vide cooking from what it is, to how it got its start, and how cooking this way can benefit you, I hope you have learned all you need to know to give this cooking method a try and will see how sous vide, the super cooking method, can and will benefit you.

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