To have a better email experience, you need to manage the email you do get and limit the email that is coming to you. The following tips will help.
1. Avoid having one folder to rule all your email
To be highly productive, your inbox folder should have minimal emails. You should create folders for different projects , people, clients , and a catch all for unimportant email that you can get to later.
Setup rules so that all your email is redirected to the appropriate folder.
2. OHIO principle
Yes. No. there is no tentative. OHIO stands for Only handle it once. Handle things promptly and assertively and never leave anything open ended. This way you don’t get a chain of emails.
3. Email Window
Only check email for 10 minutes per hour or less if you can. I use the 50th to 59th minute of every hour. Beyond that the email is closed. This way I can focus on the task at hand and prevent email from sucking out the productivity of the hour. Your rules should be in place to make it easy to scan the hot issues and when the time permits review the rest when idle. Identify a time to catch up on less critical issues.
4. Delay your response
Provide some buffer between an email request and your response. First you want to get your communication perfect so taking some time before responding will train the people you are in correspondence with what your response timing is like. If we are just sending a response as soon as we get an email, we’ll get more emails. Sure some inpatient emailers will send additional requests but you need to be able to manage your email box or it will own you.

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