12227219_10153364574353315_7917567060233088008_nJaleel Manns is a 2x veteran jumping out of helicopters in the US Army and as a helicopter avionics technician for the US Navy. He is a world traveler, entrepreneur, and marketing extraordinaire. Jaleel leads as Chief Bliss Officer of Ananda Solutions (Ananda is Bliss), a high-end digital marketing agency in Houston, Texas but his real passion is to help others. He shares in providing the marketing support as well as being a show host from time to time. He’s also a co-author to the “BE” book.

Jaleel is a renowned master when it comes to the kitchen. He has traveled the world and been a chef in some of the most fantastic restaurants this world has to offer. He is the leader of the food hacking efforts and entrepreneurship here at blisshacker. He is the top coach for entrepreneurship and marketing and leads all of blisshacker’s digital marketing and entrepreneurship efforts. You can reach Jaleel at (jaleel@blisshacker.com)