Have you ever been stuck? Like you are living in that movie “Ground Hogs Day”. No matter what you do, it’s just the same old same old. Do you want to break through? I have the privilege to interview my mentor Kimanzi Constable and his incredible journey.

He’s going to tell us about how he went from delivering bread to writing fantastic articles for the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur. How in a 3 year period he went from drifting through life while battling the brutal winters of Milwaukee to moving his family to Hawaii and losing both 170 pounds and $180, 000 in debt.

We also talk about his new book, “Stop Chasing Influencers“. Instead of trying to chase those who you look up to, this book outlines how to grow your own influence. If you want to be published, have notoriety, and become an influencer, this book is the blueprint. It will be a New York Times best-seller when it releases.

I have a preview copy, and not only did I read it cover to cover, but I grabbed Jaleel and told him all about it. We were so blown away, that we stopped what we were doing with our podcast and with our digital marketing business and started to implement the strategies right away.

How amazing is this? How bout within a week I had three articles published on Good Men Project, a blog that gets 5 million unique visitors a month! If you want to get published on major websites, you got to listen to this episode.

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