Career Hacks including:
  • optimize your resume
  • how to ace the interviews
  • art of communication
  • success syndrome
  • intrapreneurship
  • resolving work conflict
  • work life balance
  • managing others
  • effective meetings
  • productivity
  • kanban
  • kaizen
  • agile

Prolific Productivity

The true definition of priorityLearn the OHIO principle for emailHow to make effective meetingswhat time meetings should take placeLearn the art of essentialismHow super production requires ... Read More...

Career Hacking

Though I am an entrepreneur now, I used to struggle at getting jobs. I talk about my progression. How I learned what to do on resumes and how to find jobs when the economy is bad.Need help with your resume?... Read More...

Personal Kanban

From the Author: Personal Kanban is all about understanding and effectiveness. People are so busy they can't see past their daily to-dos. They let options slide by while working on tasks of little value. At any... Read More...

Preventing Email Overwhelm

To have a better email experience, you need to manage the email you do get and limit the email that is coming to you. The following tips will help.1. Avoid having one folder to rule all your emailTo... Read More...