, the podcast, the “BE” book, it isn’t about Suresh Thakoor or Jaleel Manns. It’s about you. We are here to help you like no one else has done before. Our mentors told us in a stern voice, who were we  not to share the lessons we have about living a passionate fulfilled live, one still with the difficult trials and tribulations and heavy burdens and hardcore stress.  You can have everything you ever wanted today. You have followed the wrong advice, been given a map that won’t lead to where you need to be. You have followed advice from a  “hero’s journey” that if we looked a little deeper, we’d find that a lot of the necessary details were omitted. How can you ever achieve success without those details? You can’t. You never will.

There is a better way. First, Love yourself. It was the first step in an arduous process where I became limitless, as successful as I wanted, able to just create. The only hard work that needs to be done is between your ears. You are not alone, We are here to help you. To show you how to find your own path. To show you “smart cuts” to a better life.

We do need your help. We can’t read your mind or know where you’ve been unless you tell us. As simple as it sounds, We are asking for shear heroic courage from you. I need you to email me Tell us what we can do and together we’ll take the journey together.

This is your podcast. Own it. This is your website. Own it. We are just here to help out but we need you to contribute. We need you to tell us what we can do to make your life better.

Our hope is to reach as many people as possible as there are on this planet and hopefully one day, there will be a lasting peace on this planet.

Your greatest cheerleaders,

Suresh & Jaleel