Suresh Thakoor is the author of the upcoming book “Be”, the daily podcast BlissHacker Radio and a gifted public speaker. He is also a contributing writer to the Good Men Project. In addition, Suresh is a talented composer, and you can find his work on Itunes. Creativity exudes everything he does.

Suresh was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. At age 3, his parents moved to Atlanta, Georgia. As an only child growing up by unfortunate events (an older brother dying at a day old ), Suresh spent all his childhood creating starting with legos and eventually graduating to programming and digital art.

College brought more incredible experiences for Suresh. He started out as a physics major with a passion for quantum mechanics and astronomy, Suresh’s creativity was fueled by his curiosity. He explored whatever tickled his fancy, taking courses in Russian language, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics and besides the typical college fair (beer drinking, video games and the like), Suresh spent his time creating music and hosting two radio shows ( One electronic, one death metal).

After graduation, he accepted his uncle’s offer to work for him in South Africa. Unbeknownst to him before living there, his uncle’s next door neighbor was Nelson Mandela.

Suresh wanted dearly to meet this amazing man. He would walk daily past the house, the security guards waving as he walked by Mandela’s house.  Though a simple task, just a few words, about 250 feet and a knock on the door, he was paralyzed by the anxiety, fear, the feeling of not being worthy.

fullSix Months passed, and Suresh left South Africa to stay with his parents while he figured out what to do. He eventually decided to follow a passion that has transcended all his life: cars. He packed up all his belongings in his 72 280se Mercedes and traveled westward to Houston, a town he’d never been before to pursue training as an auto mechanic.

Moving to the fourth largest city, and living a childhood dream didn’t last long. After five months, he quit and sold all his possessions except for the car, his clothes, and a futon. Unlike other times, however, he made a monumental decision. He decided he was tired of “changing places” as he had prior. He moved across the ocean and was next door to a Nobel Prize-winning Freedom Fighter. Nothing. Then moved back to live with his parents. Nothing. He moved to the fourth largest city in the United States and followed a life long passion. 5 Months and then Nothing.

besomeoneHe started to realize that there was only one thing that was missing and that if it took him being homeless or whatnot, he wasn’t going to move anymore. The one thing he found was he didn’t love himself. He spent so much time idealizing the world around him and inwardly had a disgusting view of himself. Within time, he fell in love with who he was and the world around him changed. He has remained in Houston and has just recently rekindled his love of being creative. He writes. He speaks. He draws, He just creates.

His life mission is to help 1 billion others find their way, find their bliss and continue until this world changes and there is a lasting peace on this planet. Contact Suresh via email:


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